Bars with I / U / H Profiles

(Section Steel)

Our range includes I / IPE / UNP / UE / UPE / HEA / HEB profiles.
Purchase options:
U / I section steel can be purchased as whole bars with lengths 6 m, 12 m, (14 m). The material can also be cut to lengths specified by the customer. The material divided in this way can be purchased with or without trimmings.
The material purchased on order can only be purchased as whole or cut bars with a length of 6 m.
Standards and qualities:

Bar with the cross-sections:

UNP DIN1026-1/EN10279 EN10025:S235JR, S355J2 +AR/+M
UPE DIN1026-2/EN10279 EN10025:S235JR, S355J2 +AR/+M
UE GOST8240-97 EN10025:S235JR, S355J2 +AR/+M
INP EN10024 EN10025:S235JR, S355J2 +AR/+M
IPE, HEA, HEB EN10034 EN10025:S235JR, S355J2 +AR/+M
The prices are fixed on the basis of the total quantity and required lengths of individual pieces. We will be pleased to inform you about the current price by phone or by e-mail

profile I

profile IPE

profile U

profile UE

profile UPE

profile HEA

profile HEB