Hollow Sections

  • Steel hollow sections closed, square
  • Steel hollow sections closed, rectangular
  • Steel hollow sections closed, T / Z profile
  • Steel hollow sections open, L / U profile

Steel hollow sections are produced in thin-walled and thick-walled executions.

Thin-walled sections can be closed or open. Thick-walled sections are produced with square, rectangular or special cross-sections.

Purchase options:
Hollow sections and bent sections held by us in our stock can be purchased as whole bars with a length of 6 m, or the material can be cut to lengths specified by the customer. The material cut in this way can be purchased with or without trimmings.
Standards and quality:
EN10219 S235JRH,S275J0H, S355J0H, S355J2H
EN10305-5 E235
EN10162 S235JR
Atest EN10204
The prices are fixed on the basis of the total quantity and required lengths of individual pieces. We will be pleased to inform you about the current price by phone or by e-mail.

Steel hollow section closed, square

Steel hollow section closed, rectangular

Hollow section closed, L profile

Hollow section closed, T profile

L equilateral

L non-equilateral

U profile