Zinc-Coated Sheets

(Steel Sheets)


Ductile hot-dip galvanized sheets are suitable for pressing and deep drawing. They are used for production of vehicle parts, in construction and machinery industries for production of profiles, corrugated sheets, roofing materials, etc.

Zinc-coated metal sheets are made by dip galvanizing (so-called hot-dip plating) or by electrolytic galvanizing (galvanic zinc-coating).

Purchase options:
Zinc-coated steel sheets can be purchased as whole plates sized 1,000/2,000mm, 1,250/2,500mm or 1,500 x 3,000mm, with a thickness of 0.55 – 4.0mm. We will be pleased to supply length and width cuts as well as band with a minimum thickness of 30mm as specified by the customer.
Standards and qualities:

Hot-dip galvanized thin sheets, made from steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications – EN 10327


The prices are fixed on the basis of the total quantity and required dimensions of individual plates. We will be pleased to inform you about the current price by phone or by e-mail.